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Natural Stone Coasters & Coaster Set

Natural Stone Coasters & coaster set are becoming high demanding product these days, Widely being used as replacement of traditional plastic coaster.

Natural stone coasters gives amazing looks to your dining display area. We manufacture these coasters in Marble, Granite, Sandstone and Semi Precious as well. We can manufacture these coasters and coaster sets in any stone colours and dimensions as per client requirement. Some most popular designs are square, round and hexagon.

Our highly detailed craftsmanship provide unique design and perfect art to coaster sets. Personalised coasters are also manufactured in our factory on order basis. Get ready to get back to 19’s retro look by using Parash Stones Coasters.

Natural Stone Coasters & Coaster Set Collection

Our collection consist of sandstone coasters, limestone coasters, slate coasters, white marble coasters, rainforest marble coasters, marble inlay coasters granite coasters and many more.

Browse through our products and get in touch with us to get price and all other details about natural stone coasters.


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