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Welcome to Parash Stones Indian granite tiles slabs section. Indian granite is extensively used in construction projects from decades. Due to attractive colours and premium quality Indian granite is first choice for every granite project throughout the world.

We are mine owner and among top manufacturer of these Indian granites and exporting premium quality material across the globe from decades. To provide best and premium quality granite, we have four manufacturing units in south India as well as in north India. In south India our factory is based in Warangal and Vishakhapatnam, and in north India our factory is located at Jaipur and Kishangarh. Our granite manufacturing units are equipped with highly advanced and latest machinery in order to provide best and premium quality material to our clients along with fastest production.We provide on door delivery worldwide for all granite colours in any quantity required.

We export premium quality Indian granites tiles and slabs regularly to USA, Canada, Europe, UK, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Iran and many other counties.

Indian Granite is categorised as South Indian Granite & North Indian Granite and further can be categorised on colours, this nomenclature is based on origin region of Indian granite.

Our Collection Of South Indian Granite Consist Of:

Black granites, Golden granites, White granites, Ivory granites, Yellow granites, Pink granites, Juparana granites, Brown granites, Red granites, Grey granites, Blue granites, Green granites.

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Black granites from south India

Golden granites from south India

White granites from south India

Ivory granites from south India

Yellow granites from south India

Pink granites from south India

Juparana granites from south India

Brown granites from south India

Red granites from south India

Grey granites from south India

Blue granites from south India

Green granites from south India


Our Collection Of  North Indian Granites Consist Of Following:

Red granites, Yellow granites, Brown granites, Black granite, Pink Granites, Green granites, White granites, Blue granites, Grey granites.

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Red granites from north India

Yellow granites from north India

Brown granites from north India

Black granites from north India

Pink granites from north India

Green granites from north India

White granites from north India

Blue granites from north India

Grey granite from north India