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Desert Sand Sandstone

Desert Sand Sandstone – Also known as Desert Sandstone.

Desert sand sandstone is a heritage low budget Indian sandstone. Its quarried from Rajasthan in form of blocks and further processed for paving tiles and patio slabs. Desert sandstone is being widely used for paving, landscaping, driveways and pathways construction. It is most demanding sandstone in United Kingdom and European regions.

We are manufacturer of desert sandstone tiles, slabs, paving. We offer best premium quality product in cheapest price.

Pictures of desert sand sandstone

Surface finishes

  • Natural
  • Honed
  • Sandblasted
  • Antique

Edges available

  • Handcut / Hand Chiseled
  • Machine cut / Sawn

Size details

Tile Sizes : 300×300, 300×600, 600×450, 600×750, 600×900, 280×280, 560×280,560×420,560×560,560×700,560×840 (mm)

Slab Sizes:1800 – 2400 x 600 – 900 mm & above

Thickness:12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm,40mm,50mm

Custom Sizes and Thickness also available on request

Some applications of red sandstone

  • Interior construction and decor
  • Exterior construction or decor
  • paving
  • driveways
  • pathways
  • walkways
  • setts & pavers
  • circular paving

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